3 lessons that help in being a better keynote speaker

By Benita Bhatia Dua

I was recently a key note speaker at The Lions Club’s district meeting where over 150 Lions Club leaders were present. A few takeaways as a key note speaker:

1. Listen to other speakers, especially the ones before you. I had a very little briefing about the expectations. When I heard what the parent body was expecting from these leaders, I realized I could help them even better than I had thought.

2. Don’t be dependent on your slides– I skipped the slideshow and focused on interacting with them and ensuring they were able to extract value.

3. Focus on hands-on learning– I encouraged the participants to try out using hashtags, tag people and create a buzz online. This triggered a few ideas and I see some of the participants continue those practices even a few days after the event.

I hope these will help you be a better keynote speaker.