Social Media

“Social media is a biggest disruption, for businesses in history of mankind since industrial revolution.”

Usage of social media comes as naturally to millennial as breathing. Millennials use it for every aspect of their life (ranging from staying connected, gathering information to form opinions) thereby consumption patterns are not just influenced but firmed up on the digital media.

Advent of Social media and technological advances is creating disruption across industries and businesses, which can no longer rely purely on conventional business model. It is imperative for every business today to have an Omni-channel strategy to meet the challenges of the changing times.

We, at Vanilla Skills, specialize in helping businesses gear up for the new age business environment and also develop strategies to effectively leverage on the humongous business growth opportunity offered by digital media space. Our successful assignments includes beautic jeweller, large construction company, multinationals in oil & gas within ancillary space.

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