Benita is an extremely talented and intuitive facilitator and trainer. Benita has demonstrated a work ethic that goes above and beyond any typical consultant in this field. My team and I found an insightfulness in Benitas delivery and style that is unique and aided in our ability to progress our team much faster than if we had gone the path alone or with others less talented. Benita is a resource that I will be engaging in the future with team dynamics and situations.

  Brenda Greig, Black & Veatch, AVP and Director, HR Integration, India HR Director

Benita has a great professional outlook. While working with us she has demonstrated great skills of writing blogs fantastically and pleasing coordination with our team.

She is firm on her deadlines and also keep her clients and associates on toes. Smart resource and a good company to work with.

 Sandeep Desai, EVP, AFCONS Infrastructures Limited

I have had the privilege of knowing Benita for some time now. I got to know her very well when I availed her expert Social Media based services during an International Training Event, “Business Makeover.” I am amazed to say that I went through a wonderful experience. It was not only her dedication and professional experience that impressed me but also her personal involvement in achieving the desired results. I saw her getting totally immersed in the event, sometimes at the cost of her personal and professional commitments, beyond what a general professional would have done. It was certainly ‘beyond the call of duty.’ I had heard that business happens through developing personal relationships. I saw that happening here. In addition to the effective social media campaigning, I was personally educated on the subject and am wiser now. I have seldom seen such a combination of professional knowledge weaved into personal care and human approach. I wish Benita the very best in her career. She certainly has a long way to go.

Brig. Sushil Bhasin, Life Coach, Transformational Facilitator, Educator, Trainer, Motivational Speaker. Partner Empower Activity Camps,Founder – SB Consulting

Benita is one of the finest Learning facilitator and coach. Her passion to contribute towards clients goal is outstanding. She really made a difference to our organization by nurturing and facilitating the learning objectives. Amazing person and very focused in her approach. Very charming personality. Wish to get connected for many more interventions in future.

 Hardip Baria, Manager- L&D, Gujarat Gas

We were looking for a trainer to develop trust, manage personality conflicts, build high performing team. I got acquainted to Benita through LinkedIn. We engaged her for a team building exercise, her domain knowledge, expertise, detailed approach, in-depth knowledge about people practice, helped the team and Company in building a high performing team. Post the session we continued to engage her for a critical situation where in a team was going through a lot of turbulence due to history and individual personality conflict. She deep dived and helped us overcome the situation. With my experience with Benita I would strongly recommend her for any Organization which is looking to develop trust among employees, develop high performing team, interpersonal skills and handle personality conflict situations…
Benita I wish you all success in your endeavors…

 Balaji KA, HR Manager, Black & Veatch

Vanilla Skills…The name signifies purity and openness to adapt to the needs of their clients by customising their programs to achieve the objectives. I wish them all the luck.

Pratik Vikramsey, Director- L&D, SS&C global

Benita is a great trainer and an inspiring personality. Through the short period of time I worked with Benita she has added significant value and trained many of our employee on programs like Personal Effectiveness and Productivity, Business Communication Skills among others. I would not hesitate in recommending Benita to any organisation that wants to develop their employees!

Tahseen Wahdat Wassan, Human Resources, Petro Rabigh, Recognised as a ‘Young HR Leader’ by People Matters in 2013.

I know Benita as professional with strong values and ethics. She is one of the best experts I know in the Social Media domain. She is an upright, straight-forward and genuine person with very high professional standards. She has a knack of understanding customer pain areas quickly and weaving powerful solutions to address gaps. This makes her very effective as a business consultant.

Surya Prakash Mohapatra - Global Head Talent Transformation at Wipro BPS, Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square.

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