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Although the internet is a wonderful source of information and communication, it can also be a not so safe place because of its anonymity and sheer reach. It is therefore important to be attentive and alert to what one does online. Here is a broad set of guidelines for online safety.

  • Don’ts
    • Don’t trust strangers that you meet online. Anyone can be anyone when masked with anonymity. Test before you trust.
    • Don’t chat with or ‘friend’ unfamiliar persons: Always know who you are interacting with. It is safer to have people that you actually know personally on your friend list.
    • Don’t give out your usernames, passwords, pin numbers etc to anyone, including people who claim to work at your bank.
    • Don’t share pictures of yourself with anyone including friends, especially compromising or intimate photos. These pictures once posted may be irretrievable.
    • Don’t open emails or links that you receive from unknown sources they could be malware or viruses, put you, your loved ones and your money at risk.
    • Don’t fall for claims that you have won online contests. Almost all of these are fake.
  • Dos
    • Do report or block anyone who bothers you or tries to abuse/ bully/stalk you online.
    • Do be cautious of fraudulent people asking for money or donations online.
    • Do contemplate what you are posting/ sharing online. Be careful about sharing personal information on an open forum. Once on the internet, you will have no control over what is done with this information.
    • Do use a pseudonym instead of your real name, online, whenever you can.
    • Do try and use the strongest password you can think of and change it frequently. Avoid having the same password across bank accounts and your social media accounts.
    • Do shop only on well-known/popular online shopping sites.
    • Do suitably modify the privacy settings on all the apps and social media pages that you use so that you have some control over your own information.

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