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October 29, 2019

A lot of people ask me for guidance on careers in social media/digital media. I figured it was best I pen it down and share it with all those seeking.

Here are a few things within Digital Marketing that are independent careers too:

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization (for websites to rank better on search engines)

2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing (advertising on Google, Bing, etc)

3. SMO – Social Media Optimization (open to interpretations, it can mean using social media to get better traffic on the website. In my mind, it means using social media optimally.)

4. Content Marketing – A ‘pull marketing’ strategy which uses content as a mechanism to market. By the way, pull marketing is basically attracting the customer without ‘pushing’ your product and services on them. It is my personal (and professional) opinion that pull marketing works much better. Think about who you buy more from and you will realize you run away from pushy sales. Insurance agents are a classic example of pushy sales. My guy (Sunil More) is an exception to that norm.

5. Social Media Advertising – Advertising on various social media platform. The critical ones being – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Quora is another emerging one.

6. ORM – Online Reputation Management is all about building and maintaining reputation online. Some see this in conjunction with content marketing but it can be an independent stream too. Listing on various online platforms, including e-commerce stores, is a part of this function.

7. Peripheral careers – If you don’t want to be deeply involved in digital but stay connected to it, you can choose careers like photographer, videographer, graphic designer, animator or content writer. These are services most digital marketers need.

I strongly believe that the skills for all of these can be learned. What can’t be learned and you must have are traits like sincerity towards work, willingness to work hard and smart, passion, pride in your work, persistence, and willingness to learn. If you have these traits, you are sure to succeed. Just stop looking for shortcuts to success and get on to working for it.

Good luck.

Have a socially profitable life.

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