Loved offline, doubly adored online: How we did it. - Vanilla Skills

Our Client

Loved offline, doubly adored online: How we did it.



The Client
A successful Chartered Accountant.

The Challenge

To build his online personna to reflect his offline personna, and establish thought leadership.

The Brief

I have been encouraged to contest the upcoming elections. Help me gain visibility in the right target audience.

Our Strategy

Showcase the fantastic work he has been doing for the community, share his thoughts and those of people he admires, engage with his fraternity and the communities he supports, present his online personna as the person he is – caring, thoughtful, well-meaning and always ready to help.

The Outcome

Not only did the engagement on his posts grow by leaps and bounds, (on some posts it went up to five figures) his connections also grew to over 133%.

The Bonus

He won the elections with a sweeping majority.
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