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After reading our previous article onGet Funky With Social Media!’, we guess you might want to jump right in. Social media is important for your business, as a majority of your target audience spends most of their time on social media. But then you pause… and wonder… about how your brand is going to fare on social media, as it is going to be out there — in the public eye. It may be great in theory, but is it really good for your brand?

Let us take this opportunity to quell some of your (very valid) fears regarding social media. If you have done your reading, you will know that social media has over a million advantages (ok, maybe not a million) which, by far, outweigh its disadvantages. But the disadvantages are very real and need to be carefully considered before you jump headlong into the world of social media- so as to land on your feet- and not on your head.

Coming back to showcasing your brand in the public space… it will be under the constant scrutiny of everyone, majorly by your competitors, and it is understandable if this gives you the jitters. Although publicity is a good thing, we all shudder at the thought of negative publicity (apart from the crazy few who thrive on it) and bad news, goof-ups and negativity spreads like wildfire on social media. In addition, you cannot squash a bad review or a complaint about your brand, once it is out there, and the only answer to this is impeccable service.

But impeccable service also sometimes falters. In times like these, it would be the need of the hour to address your customer’s grievances with the utmost empathy. Although, this sounds like the worst that could happen to your brand, stop shuddering because, if played correctly, it could actually turn out to be quite a boon. We are of the opinion that somewhere in the deep recesses of the mind of the customer, it is ok to goof-up, but what brings you deliverance from the goof-up would be empathetic and efficient customer service. A happy customer will surely develop a positive image of your brand and customer service, and you can, therefore, turn the bad publicity to your benefits.

Having said that, the fact of the matter is, although social media marketing can be highly customized to reach the target audience, it is also highly impersonal. The customer does not come in touch with a human being. They feel that they are a but a plankter in the large ocean of e-commerce. Personal touch through human interaction works wonders and makes customers feel loved and taken care of. Sending a direct message or quick replies to the posted queries or complaints is one of the many ways to achieve this. Personalised attention showcases a sense of importance and value to the customer. And who does not like this? We are sure that, like us, even you would love to receive great customer service.

Another thing that concerns brands on social media today are the trolls!! Oh yes, the trolls!! Do you remember the adage “haters will hate?” And haters, here, will majorly be your competitors, and yes, they will hate! And trollers will troll. You have two choices when it comes to these bullies… you can either ignore them and let them be, till they tire of trolling you, or treat them to your sense of humour (we have also often wondered what it would be like to challenge them to a duel-although, we are not recommending that here). We warn you that treating them to a sense of humour takes time and energy, although it may be fun to do!

Take trolls with a pinch of salt, they are people with social media accounts and a lot of time on their hands.

Last, but certainly not least, many business owners worry that getting on social media means that the competition can study their business. Hmmm…but does this not happen on any other public platform like TV, Magazines or Newspapers? If you are in a public space, you have to be open to scrutiny. And if you are not in a public space, well, you cannot further your business, it is as simple as that.

To conclude, we hope that this article will make you brave enough to take the plunge into the world of social media. Trust us when we say it will do your brand wonders, we mean it!

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