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Have you ever wanted to send a WhatsApp message to someone but not save their number in your phone-book? All of us have wanted to do this at some point, and so we were really excited to discover that it is possible to WhatsApp without saving the number. So excited, in fact, we wanted to share it with you! This can be done with SMS, but WhatsApp is convenient and more reliable because many people do not check their SMS anymore. If you are anything like us and do not want to save every number to your phone-books then read on!

Using A Web Browser
Step1: The first, and most simple step is to open your web browser on your phone. (Yep, anyone other than Safari). We used Chrome.

Step2: Then type in the following URL: https://wa.me/<number>.

Now, bear in mind that the <number> contains the 10 digit phone number and the country code. Do not include ‘+’ in the code. E.G. https://wa.me/919137803754 (country code, phone number). Tap ‘enter’.

Step3: Then double check the number (to make sure you are messaging the correct person ? ) and click on the ‘Message’ button

Step4: A new chat screen will open up. Voila! you are now in business!

We hope you loved that simple hack, as much as we did, and find it useful!

Oh! And while we’re talking about WhatsApp, we thought we would also help you save some memory from the dump of images you probably get in your ‘groups’ this will enable you to see the images in your chat but not in your gallery. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about it sooner.

Click here to learn how

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