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Every MBA aspirant wants to dabble in marketing, and I was the same. Since digital marketing is currently very popular and continues to gain popularity, I decided that it was what I wanted to learn.

To my good fortune, I learned that Vanilla Skills was hiring. I applied for the position of an intern, through social media. I had to meet the CEO of Vanilla Skills, Benita Bhatia Dua, at a Starbucks café for my interview. I was both jittery and nervous because I had not been to many job interviews. My interview went on for about 25 minutes and at the end of it, Benita asked me when I could join. To be honest, I was more grateful than pleased, and I looked forward to the new experience.

I joined Vanilla Skills in the middle of January. On my first day, I had a lot of nagging questions in my head, like what my seniors would be like, what the office would be like, whether I would like the office environment, and most importantly whether I would fit in. With all these questions playing on my mind, I went to the office.

To my relief, my co-workers seemed very nice and the office had a light positive vibe. Within the week, I was comfortable with everyone in the office. The whole team was crazy, fun and full of enthusiasm. We laughed a lot and hence work got done quickly. I learned a lot in my first week itself, which included how to create a YouTube channel, to how to set up a website and a lot more.

Vanilla Skills turned 5 on the 17th of January. I had been in the company for just a week, but I was very delighted to be able to celebrate it. I was sure if I was this happy, my colleagues and boss were even more enthusiastic and joyous to celebrate this milestone. In keeping with our logo, we decided that the theme of the party should be the colours of the rainbow. Everything was coordinated to a particular colour including the food and everyone’s clothing. The office was decorated too, and it looked pretty and lively because of the bright colours. As all good things come to an end, this day ended too but not without a lot of laughter and beautiful memories.

As my responsibilities increased, I started learning new things every day. Apart from learning from my tasks, I learned a lot from the brainstorming sessions held in the office. Unlike in other offices, Benita values and considers our opinions. Everyone pitches in for the brainstorming on all projects even if they are not part of the team tackling that particular project. This helps us to learn more and to express our thoughts in a structured manner.

Lastly, I would like to say based on my experience in the last two months I love it here and never feel unwelcome. My co-workers and seniors are helpful and treat everyone equally. I would love to stick around Vanilla Skills even after my internship period expires and contribute in making the company more successful.

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