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Your business needs word of mouth which has now gone online. Is your business online? We can help you get that wide reach you desire. As your social media thought partners, we strategize, implement, monitor, analyse and refine your online presence.



If you are on social media, there will be both positive and negative feedback. Managing negative feedback from employees and customers is a tricky job but is very often required.
We offer the service of online reputation management as it is a critical element of being on social media.



As a CEO, you’re the face of the company. But, managing your own online presence, showcasing you as thought leader, may be extremely time consuming.
The key is in doing it right allowing the company to get the best from you.
Allow us to add that balance and shine to your social media presence!


Recalling a brand, even before reading the words, or packaging would automatically trigger recognition, Brand recognition!
Brand recognition is like a voice, and you should make sure your voice resonates with your customers.
Allow us to create your brand’s awareness with content your customers find valuable and interesting and leads to customer acquisition.



We Listen, Listen, Listen…
Social listening is all about having your ear to the pulse of the community. Valuable insights come from knowing your customers. Social listening helps to identify where new opportunities lie or to avert crisis.
This is one of the many exciting services we offer!



Social media platforms are cluttered with brands trying to stand out and therefore it is critical to have a sound strategy for communication.
We can help you custom create that strategy, based on the needs of your brand and business. Strategy involved in planning which platforms to be active on, when and how often to post etc. can make or break your online presence.

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