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October 15, 2019

Let’s review much-needed etiquette for Social media.

  • Do be mindful of the platform you are posting on-

    Do be mindful of the platform you are posting on-

    Post appropriate content on your various social media platforms. For example, do not post pictures of a personal holiday on your LinkedIn page, as it is a platform for professional connections and networking. However, it would be appropriate to post pictures of a big business conference you may have attended, overseas.
    Do test before you trust– Don’t believe everything you see and read, look for credentials. Also, double check facts before you post or forward posts. Do not mindlessly spread fake news that could cause panic or bring harm. Since news/ posts can go viral, the use of social media requires some degree of responsibility. Also, by posting fake/ false news, you lose credibility. There is a lot to lose and little to gain by mindlessly forwarding posts.

  • Do proofread your posts-

    Do proofread your posts-Poor grammar and typing errors can ruin your first impression. It is always in good taste and reflects well on you to check the language in your posts. Check grammar, capitalization, formatting, spellings, punctuation etc. A post well is written is always better received.

  • Do not use all caps-

    Do not use all caps-Typing in all caps is against social media etiquette and the digital world considers it to be shouting. Use capitals only at the appropriate places. Acronyms like UNICEF, NASA, ASAP are written in capitals letters. However, abbreviations (words shortened, like et cetera written as etc) are not written in all caps. If you do wish to shout, you may put all those words in capitals
    Do give credit for content–If your content is curated, then give people their due credit. The value of what you are saying will not decrease even if you admit you were inspired by someone else’s work. It showcases your ability to add value to and create something new from something old.

  • Do showcase your strengths-

    Do showcase your strengths-Speak of your achievements, failures overcome and success stories. People relate to stories that have a “human” element. Focus on your strengths so that people can understand you better. For example, speak of an award that you have won for being a good team leader or, employer of the year etc.

  • Do not spam-

    Do not spam-Posting and sharing are good. However, share only what is informative and what you think is vital, constant posts could annoy your followers. It is disturbing for people to be notified constantly about posts which may not require their urgent attention as compared to a few informative posts that could be useful.

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