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Our Client

An Almost Unbelievable True Story About Social Listening



The Client
A Million-Dollar Corporate.

The Challenge

An ex-employee, who was terminated from his job for unprofessional behaviour, was spreading false news and defaming the company.

The Brief

“Find the random person who had grudges against the company”.

Our Strategy

We began to scrutinize their social media and listed everything that was said against our client. Since he never tagged the company, it was a little difficult to find him and his comments. But, with a team that has good social listening capabilities, everything is possible.

The Outcome

Social Listening helped us find out what was happening very quickly and we updated our client. The inputs provided by us helped the company to locate the person and contain the problem.

The Bonus

We helped them save millions of dollars, as nobody will associate themselves with a tainted company.
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