We offer customized learning interventions to help the workforce develop ‘Social Media Presence’ to meet their organization’s business goals. Give your business the added advantage by enhancing your people’s social media usage skills.

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Benita Dua



Princey Mehta

Head - Training & Content Development

Suchita Noronha



Andrea Rodrigues

Social Media Manager


Tejas Mhaske

Social Media Expert


Darshan Pawar

Social Media Executive


Avijit Saha

Graphic Designer


Hemant Shah

Client Servicing Manager


Shishir Asthana


What Our Clients Say

Benita is an extremely talented and intuitive facilitator and trainer. Benita has demonstrated a work ethic that goes above and beyond any typical consultant in this field. My team and I found an insightfulness in Benitas delivery and style that is unique and aided in our ability to progress our team much faster than if we had gone the path alone or with others less talented. Benita is a resource that I will be engaging in the future with team dynamics and situations.

Brenda Greig

Black & Veatch, AVP and Director, HR Integration, India HR Director

Benita has a great professional outlook. While working with us she has demonstrated great skills of writing blogs fantastically and pleasing coordination with our team. She is firm on her deadlines and also keep her clients and associates on toes. Smart resource and a good company to work with.

Sandeep Desai

EVP, AFCONS Infrastructures Limited

I have had the privilege of knowing Benita for some time now. I got to know her very well when I availed her expert Social Media based services during an International Training Event, “Business Makeover.” I am amazed to say that I went through a wonderful experience. It was not only her dedication and professional experience that impressed me but also her personal involvement in achieving the desired results. It was certainly ‘beyond the call of duty.’

Brig. Sushil Bhasin

Life Coach, Transformational Facilitator

Vanilla Skills…The name signifies purity and openness to adapt to the needs of their clients by customising their programs to achieve the objectives. I wish them all the luck.

Pratik Vikramsey

Director- L&D, SS&C global

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Why Social Media for My Business?

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The Process

01 Prepare

We help the participants prepare well in advance through pre-work so that they achieve optimum results from the learning session. The training journey of social media begins with an enhanced exchange of relevant & vital information between the facilitator and audience.

02 Practice

Learning outcome is best achieved when any process is practiced in the light of right guidance. During our training sessions, participants learn through hands-on practice of the concepts and processes to become well acquainted with social media tools & platforms.

03 Perfect

To perfect the skill of using social media professionally, participants will be offered hand-holding over a period of time through an agreed mechanism. They can seek information from the support team on any challenges they may face during the execution of their learning.

Our Services

Social Media Training

  • Discover what social media is actually all about
  • Assimilate the relevance of each platform
  • Adapt the utility aspect of each platform
  • Learn to make a progressive strategy for an overall social media presence
  • Know Social Media etiquette to connect with more people
  • Understand social media strategy specifically for certain businesses
  • Overview of SMAC + SEO

Social Media for Sales & Business Development

  • Know the extent & reach of social media
  • Learn how to build sales funnels using social media
  • Enhance the quality of network through social media
  • Master optimizing the conversion rates
  • Be mindful of bloopers on social media
  • Measure ROI of social media presence

Social Media for Branding & Marketing

  • Learn the branding process on social media platforms
  • Discover key statistics to help you make right strategic decision
  • Leverage right social media platforms for low-cost/ high-value brand building
  • Study the best practices of social media for brand imaging
  • Master the art & science of reading and inferring analytics
  • Gain the art of measuring and proving ROI

Social Media for 101

  • Learn the extent of social media’s relevance to your business
  • Develop a plan to grow your network for business expansion
  • Know the ‘6 Wives 1 Husband model’ of social media for businesses
  • Experience the power of contextual content management on Social Media
  • Up skill to write a branded profile headline statement, to impact audiences
  • Become confident in networing with essentials of social media etiquette

Social Media for HR Functions

  • Learn the ‘employer branding’ process on Social Media platforms
  • Develop & implement a connection plan to grow your network for HR & L&D purposes
  • Determine the value proposition for your organization’s brand
  • Create a social media communication plan to attract talent to your organization
  • Understand avenues of sharing the job opportunity & shortlisting candidates
  • Gather the methods & modes of various employee engagement opportunities on Social Media to increase interaction & communication with staff

Social Media for C-suite

  • Who is using social media (It’s not just Gen Z)
  • Why social media for my business
  • Most relevant social media platforms at the leadership level
  • Personal branding through social media
  • Strategic thinking for social media
  • Social media etiquette for leaders

Business Writing Skill

  • Master the Five C's of Business Writing
  • Gain a better understanding of common spelling, punctuation & grammar issues in business writing
  • Understand appropriate language and content for multiple audience needs
  • Learn to use practical, neutral & conflict free language in business correspondences
  • Understand how to put your thoughts in sequence for better communication
  • Know the techniques for improved proofreading & re-editing skills
  • Learn to write powerful, effective sentences for effective reader comprehension

Effective Conversational Skills at Workplace

  • Develop conversation skills critical to succeed in business environments
  • Build your confidence when speaking at seminars & conferences
  • Expand your business vocabulary, improve grammatical accuracy and master the art of speaking professionally
  • Learn the benefits of science of effective conversations
  • Adapt & apply conversational etiquettes to effectively network with people


Want to Train Your Team on Social Media?

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The Process

01 Understand

We take time to understand our client’s requirements in context of their goals, timelines and stakeholders.

02 Strategize

We strategize the social media presence, using research and analytical tools, to help achieve the goals in a timely and appropriate manner.

03 Execute

Before we execute the strategy, we hear the client’s ideas and basis that weave them into appropriately engaging content for social media, posting them on appropriate platforms at the suitable time.

About Us

We, at Vanilla Skills, are your Thought Partners in social media optimization. Not only do we take time to understand your business, we also patiently hear your ideas and weave them into appropriate content for social media. We time its posting to be topical or relevant such that it helps you connect optimally with your stakeholders. At Vanilla Skills, we don't templatize our work, we customise it to suit your business. And since we come in as thought partners, we make it our business to have high ROI on the investment, be it time or money.

Our Strength

  • We drive positive engagements by conversing with your target audience. Our assigned social media strategist becomes a part of your team, refining your online presence
  • We ensure your online presence is consistently in line with your vision and mission, while following the distinctive style and tone of each platform
  • We create, curate and develop content to deliver a comprehensive social media strategy for your business goals
  • We scan, note and work on ‘Social Listening’ for enhancing your brand image in the industry. We don’t add to commotion; we create healthy dialogues
  • We proactively protect your online reputation by planning & maintaining a social media response on critical social media reputation challenges

Why Us?

Being highly agile and focused, our clients benefit from the high level of personalized contact and accountability which is often needed by most organizations.

Our team of highly talented & passionate individuals ensure your brand sees the most impactful interaction & achieves an enriching social media optimization. We stay abreast of vital trending updates so that we can adapt a strategy to keep up with your audience’s expectation.

Ultimately, we believe in engaging with your prospects to create trust and loyalty that ensures high returns in the long term.

Success Stories

Case Study 1: Ambergris

Case Study 2: Employer Branding


Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

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