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Precisely why the world has moved on from typewriters and fax machines to the internet. Social media is a tool that connects brands to the consumers, reduces costs, improves customer service, and in the process builds trust and reputation.


Social media has the power to reach segments that the traditional tools of marketing find difficult to access. Businesses that smartly combine social media with traditional forms of marketing have shown greater return on investment as compared to companies that don’t have a strong social media presence.

Your goals determine which social media platform works best for you. It could even be multiple platforms. We help you not only in identifying the platform/s but in leveraging them too. But we must admit, when it comes to LinkedIn, we are total champs.

Public relations is just one of the factors of social media. The use and impact of social media has vastly increased, with people from across strata present on at least one social media platform, if not more. Public relations and social media are both about communication, but the latter is now a few steps ahead of old school PR in terms of reaching out to a wider audience through real-time messaging, amplifying your messages, and helping your business to be more approachable and forthright.

We are a boutique company with an expertise in social media management. We will provide you with end-to-end solutions for all your needs. As your thought partners, we go beyond the usual social media management. We are to PR what digital marketing companies are to advertising. We understand your requirements, define the objectives and strategically work towards accomplishing them. Right from strategies and ideation to planning and execution and even engagement with end-users, we have you covered. Whether you need someone to create short videos, ghost write, or manage the entire social media for you or your C-suite, we are the one-stop solution.. Just email us on contact@vanillaskills.com or message us.

Communication on social media cannot be the same as in PR or traditional marketing. Social media is a lot more than making a creative and placing an advertisement in the newspaper or TV. 


At Vanilla Skills, we have a team of experts whose in-depth knowledge and experience in the medium help brands strategize and execute the marketing goals, communicate faster and better with the consumers, provide solutions, and enhance brand reputation as a result. At the end of the day, time saved is revenue earned.


 A successful social media strategy involves more than just posting and engaging with target audiences; it requires regular social media listening to understand the growth in metrics. 

We have worked with some of the largest and most renowned multinational companies. Each of these are names we would love to flaunt, if not for our non-disclosure agreement. However, the ones we can talk about are showcased on our homepage. Also, don’t miss out on our case studies that are testimonies of the accomplishments we have successfully helped our clients with.

As our founder & CEO often says, “Follower count is a cosmetic matrix.” If you are looking to leverage social media for your business, the matrices that matter the most are reach and engagement with the right target audience. Number of followers on social media is not the true measure of success for a brand because numbers do not automatically equals to sales. What matters is the reach of the engagements on social media with the right target audience.

It is not to say that followers don’t matter. After all, there is a reason the cosmetics industry is thriving. And yes, we will also help you in increasing your followers. It just won’t be the focus of our work for you. The focus will be to help you accomplish the goals that are set, and to generate ROI from this whole exercise.

‘Success’ is defined differently by different people. At Vanilla Skills, we believe that if we start with a goal in mind, the measurement of success and ROI becomes easier. A SMART goal makes it even more so. To know how we can help you with your success, email us for a free consultation session of 30 minutes, email us at  contact@vanillaskills.com or message us.

Your requirements are unique to your business and we are extremely mindful of that. This is why our services are based on your requirements and not pre-quantified. Once we understand the specifics of your requirements, we would recommend an ideal number of posts per month. The fees you pay would cover the content creation services too, hence no additional charges will apply.

Social media usage is growing by the day and so is the marketing noise. Amidst all the noisy clutter, your content needs to be something the user pauses for, or as Facebook calls it, ‘a thumb-stopper’. The frequency of your promotional content must therefore balance out with value-addition for the target audience. There is no standard rule. However, we do believe that for every promotional post you want to put out, there must be at least 3 posts that add value to the user. The frequency of this would depend on many factors, most critical being the content consumption patterns of your target audience.

Good question. You need us primarily because we understand the market, follow the trends, and have the experience in various sectors. While someone in your team might also handle social media for you, this is literally our business, something we do all day and sometimes all night. These things qualify us as experts.

Consistency and commitment to excellence are the key to growth and social media is no exception. To put it simply, you need expert guidance on social media because more likely than not, your target audience is using social media, or getting influenced on social media, to make purchases. In today’s times, social media is where people search for things and make decisions. Let us ask you this question: how often have you visited a restaurant after reading great reviews about it on social media? You get the drift now, don’t you?

  1. We understand the market
  2. We follow trends
  3. We have experience in various sectors, that makes us the expert

Social media is constantly evolving. We always want what works best for you. As a social media agency, our expertise, and experience are in our clients' vested interests. We keep your brand afloat through turbulent waters. We help your brand reach your target customers and get a substantial return on your investment. We follow the right trends and understand your goals to develop customised social media strategies. In order to measure how you're growing your business with social media marketing, we clearly define the key metrics. Our customer-centric approach makes us a leader in our field.

To further understand how we can specifically help you, email us for a free consultation session. contact@vanillaskills.com or message us.

It is no secret that people are hooked on social media. Most clients even prefer to research products / services on social media before making a purchase. 


Scores of marketing surveys have revealed that social media is just as important for a B2B company as it is for B2C businesses. One such survey conducted by a US market intelligence firm IDC revealed that 84% of C-level and VP-level business decision-makers in B2B organisations are influenced by social media content when making B2B sales decisions


Although you are selling to businesses, the decision-makers who buy for their businesses are humans, and they are present on social media. Hence, it is imperative for your business to be where your potential client is, namely social media.


Social media marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience and build your brand. For social media marketing to be effective, it is crucial to have a strategic roadmap to deliver maximum impact with optimum ROI.  


We can help you custom-create that strategy, based on the needs of your brand and business. Strategy can make or break your online presence. For this, we use our CEO’s strategy model of 6 wives and 1 husband. 


One of the crucial questions we help find the answer to is which platform to be most active on. As expected, LinkedIn is the most used social network for B2B marketing with nine out of ten B2B businesses using it. However, is it the only platform for you? Is it even right for you? 


It is for thoughts like these that we come on board as your ‘thought partners’. As your social media thought partners, we strategize, implement, monitor, analyse and refine your online presence. We help you leverage social media profitably. 


So, if your B2B company isn’t leveraging social media, you can still be pretty sure your competitors definitely are.

The most common mistake companies / brands make on their social media is not having a social media marketing strategy in place. Without a strategy, the companies will not achieve the desired outcome from social media, even if they would be posting on all social media platforms.


An effective social media strategy will help companies avoid mistakes like having vague objectives, incorrect target audience and unclear messaging.


The other common mistakes companies / brands make is:

  1. Making content that does not resonate with their audience
  2. Not having a strong call-to-action in their social media posts
  3. Don’t engage with their audience
  4. Fail to address negative comments 
  5. Don’t measure their social media matrices.


If companies / brands add value and build relationships, they will start generating leads on social media.


We can help you build a strong connection with your prospective customers that can help companies / brands achieve their social media goals.

Yes, we will. Based on the briefing and our subsequent understanding of your requirements & long-term goals, a detailed profile/ page will be created on the recommended platform. We don’t just stop there; we optimise what we call under-the-hood settings to ensure your profile maximises the SEO of the platform too.

We also regularly monitor the analytics of the posts published. Based on that, we re-strategise as per the need to ensure we are on track to achieve the goals.


We come on board as your ‘thought partner’. We are not just an agency for implementation, but rather, your partner right from the stage of ideation and strategizing to target realisation.

Instead of spending money on advertisements and promotions, brands can create organic content at close to zero costs to reach their target audience. Examples of such content include a blog post on the company’s website or a LinkedIn post, or an article by the CEO on his/ her website, or even an infographic posted on the company’s social media platforms. 

An organic social media strategy nurtures your relationship with your customers or audience. It helps you establish and grow your brand's presence where people are already spending their time. It helps support and retain existing customers.

This can be a cost-effective and a long-term solution. However, it requires a well-researched strategy that will help achieve your social media goals.


Our deep understanding of our clients’ needs and an intuition of the psychology behind social media helps us custom create that strategy for you.


Here's a link to our case study where we helped a Fortune-500 company enhance its social media presence through quality content.

Yes. Not only corporate houses but even the government institutions such as the police departments and the municipal corporations, and celebrities have realised the power of reputation management. Here's a case study of us helping a top company in enhancing its online reputation with our exemplary approach. 


Online is where the world is nowadays. Companies, B2B or B2C, and celebrities, CEOs or athletes, all need a reputable presence on social media to boost their businesses. 


Here's a case study of us helping a Billion-$ company enhance its online reputation with our exemplary approach.

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