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Quoting Mark Zuckerberg, “the best digital media teams are those that are always looking for ways to improve and innovate”. Today digital media has been developing views and opinions of the world. However, the way a business is performed is constantly evolving and it is key to change according to the era. The introduction of advanced digital marketing tools has propelled companies to restructure their goals and define their way forward.

 A strong social marketing team constitutes the following roles:

1) Researcher- Research is an important step with regard to the collection of information. Researchers can help you with raw materials as well as make your knowledge grow. He/She can help your business grow by sharing your ideas, thought processes, or opinions. 

It is important that the information being presented by your company is taken from credible sources, primarily data furnished by the government and other reliable sites. This is where the need for a good researcher comes in. Research can be in any form; it could be in a written format, video format, or in a form of audio format.

2) Content Strategists- This includes both content writers and copywriters. Content writers will help you curate meaningful content and help drive more traffic to the information you present on various social media platforms. It is necessary to hold regular meetings with content writers and inform them about what you wish to tell your customers or potential customers about you. Their main role in your company is to develop engaging and creative content like articles, videos, social media posts, and numerous other multimedia content.

While, the role of a copywriter is to create compelling and persuasive copy for digital ads, emails, and other marketing materials. In this regard, a copywriter is a professional who specializes in curating content for various media channels like advertisements, brochures, websites, and social media. 

It is necessary to know the difference between a content writer and copywriters. 

Well, while both create written content for business, content creators focus on presenting informative and engaging content, while copywriters focus on creating promotional and persuasive material.

In addition to this, copywriting is often focused on creating short, snappy, and attention-grabbing content. On the other hand, content writing can be more in-depth and informative, offering readers detailed information about a particular topic.  


3) Creative Designer- A creative designer is essential for creating visually appealing and engaging content, such as graphics, images, videos, and animations. They work closely with the content strategist to ensure that the brand’s visual identity is consistently represented across social media platforms. 

This includes graphic designers– those who will visually communicate your ideas and messages to your audience. This using numerous design techniques and software to develop visual representation of concepts, services, and products. 

Simply put, these artists put life in content through the use of visuals which may be in any form such as images, infographics, videos, etc. One should always remember your graphics, multimedia, and visuals should be to the point and should always make sense. It is always important that your viewers get your message easily and don’t have to nag around for answers. Graphics, multimedia, and visual designers are the individuals who get your content to a proper format and make new advancements in your growth.

4) Social Media (Operations) Specialist- Social media management plays an important role. A social media operation specialist manages social media accounts, studies engagement rate and data to optimize social media campaigns, and design strategies that push the social media reach. 

You must note that social media is beyond Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat; it is a vast branch and one requires patience to understand the whole process.

The person you appoint should know how he/she can grab viewers or readers’ attention. 

In addition to the role of managing an agency’s operations for a client, an Ops team member will be a primary point of contact for your social media company. Additionally, an operations strategist also provides regular updates on campaign progress along with addressing any concerns or issues that arise such as negative comments on your social media page. 

In this sense, an operations stratrgist will help catch any red flags and help you in the best possible way. 

We can best explain this through our case study where our team was managing the social media account of a CEO of a multinational company. Our team spotted that one of the senior member from the same company who had sent a connection request to the CEO had an ‘#OpenToWorK’ status on LinkedIn, meaning he/ she was looking for another job. We quickly informed the CEO and then a meeting between him and the senior team member was arranged and any work concerns by the latter were addressed. This prevented the company from losing a senior personnel which not only saved them the cost of recruitment and training, but also kept with them an experienced resources whose lose couldn’t not have been measured in monetary terms. Safe to say, Vanilla Skills led by Benita Bhatia Dua played a key role in preventing a huge asset loss to the company. You can read more about our case studies here. 

By the way, we have played many such pivotal roles in helping companies leverage social media through outstanding operational practices. 

Book a 30-minutes complimentary consultation with us and know how we can help you! 

Along with constituting a team with all the above job roles it is necessary that a good social media team focuses on upskilling themselves from time to time. With rapid changes in the social media front, you must motivate your team to learn new things and innovate in what they have to offer.

Vanilla Skills as specialists in social media will help you optimize your digital content for search engines, enhancing website visibility and driving organic traffic to the website. 

Contact us to know how you can improve your business outcomes and help you with all things social media!

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