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Social Media has become a permanent & inevitable part of our lives. A day in the 21st century can’t even be imagined without social media.

In the long list of ‘necessary things to do every day’ including brushing our teeth, eating meals, sleeping, etc., one more task has made its place- checking social media.

As we all know, there isn’t just one but multiple social media platforms with various purposes & functions. But everyone has that one go-to platform, a platform which you always open first, nurture the most, have maximum followers on and spend hours checking out. That my friend is your favourite social media platform.

Your favourite social media platform says a lot about you. Bet you didn’t know that it silently tells some fascinating facets about your personality. Check out what your favourite social media platform has to say about your preferences, desires, morals, behaviour, likes & dislikes.


If Facebook is your favourite choice, it means that you are a very sociable, loving & caring person. You like staying connected with your friends, relatives, classmates, etc. and maintaining relationships for the long run. You showcase your care in the form of birthday wishes & tags. You love checking what’s everyone been up to, sharing insightful videos & aren’t afraid to ask questions. Your ego gets boosts in the form of likes, comments & share. You also answer other’s queries because you know if you’d ask a question, you’d want an answer to it too. Although, sometimes this care borders at oversharing & stalking. And sometimes unknowingly, (or knowingly) you get carried away with your emotions & almost turn into a gossiper.


As a LinkedIn lover, you are a goal-oriented person and have strong work ethics. A professional & a visionary, who’s always seeking opportunities to make it big in the world. You plan your day systematically and try to be on schedule because you believe in the old saying- ‘Time is money.’ Your resume is always updated and you like boasting about your professional achievements. You dream to quickly rise the professional ranks and be known as your industry expert. But your professional outlook to everything often tends to irritate your friends & family. You are a no-nonsense type of person whose only motto is to work hard even though sometimes you could be a little too uptight.


If you’re a Twitter fan, it means you have lots & lots of opinions and you want the world to know about them as soon as they pop up in your head. Being on top of the happenings of the world (even if it makes you mad most of the time) is your thing. You value voice and are not afraid to speak your mind or share your views on something important. But you also get excited about all the things in your life & aren’t afraid to share with the world. You are (or consider yourself to be) the funny friend as you have some of the funniest best one-liners. Short, sometimes sweet, and to the point is your style as you can convey your message within 280 characters or less. 


Having Instagram as your dearest, tells you’re an adventurous person. You can go anywhere & do anything as long as you get a pic worth posting. You are always down for good times and as a result, your friends love having you around. You are also great at reading into situations since you know the best timings to post pics. You have a zest for living and either live a lavish life or dream to live one in the future. Therefore, you try to be a perfectionist & have high self-expectations. But this also means that you tend to blindly compete to create a flawless existence. You constantly compare yourself to others due to which you often feel insecure & vulnerable. But then switch your ‘self-love’ mode back ‘on’ in no time.


Having Pinterest as your one true love shows that you are creative & artsy (or try to be one). A neat freak with an optimistic personality & super organizational skill. You are confident and strongly believe in the ‘do it yourself’ approach. Your amazing taste has inspired many and has often been a trendsetter. Although, sometimes you may act like a hoarder of ideas and go crazy with creating masterpieces. Having hacks always at your disposal makes you the reliable one in the group. Making yours and others’ life easier is all the fun you need. But this strong & independent personality also means that you don’t speak much about your own problems and put others before yourself too much.


If the white ghost from the yellow room is your best friend then it means that you live life only the way you want. You don’t care what others think of you. You are proud of your friendships and cherish them in the form of streaks. The silly & goofy acts are proof of your fearlessness. You live every second to the fullest. Your love for filters, graphics & sketches proves that the child in you is not only still alive but is thriving. But at the same time, you value privacy & security. You take your time in getting to know & trusting people. You’ve got a thick skin and sometimes, opening up is hard for you. As a result, you have mastered the art of canopying your true emotions with funny & weird expressions.


If the ‘you’ in YouTube stands for you, it means the world is your stage. Your YOLO attitude has given you many stories, which you love sharing but with a selected few ones. A quick learner who has self-taught himself or herself multiple things through tutorial videos. You are a great listener and are willing to lend an ear to whoever needs it. This habit has given you the superpower of distinguishing fake information from genuine ones. You approach life with patience, a virtue installed in you by slow buffering. Despite having a lot to talk about, from conspiracy theories to current affairs to pro tips, you choose to remain silent. But secretly, you adore attention & love having all the ears in the room to you. Often, you judge your value & validation on the amount of attention you receive. You get awestruck very quickly & easily. So much so that sometimes you live your life vicariously through your favourite YouTubers.

We, humans, tend to reveal about ourselves in the most interesting ways even when we think we don’t. Bet you didn’t know that just a favourite social media platform can reveal so much about you. We hope you loved reading this fun article and maybe even discovered a thing or two about yourself. 

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  • Dr. Ruchika Agarwal

    June 30, 2020 at 9:09 pm Reply

    Very nicely framed and written.

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