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Are star-signs a yesteryear thing? Well we can’t comment on that! But what we can tell you is surely far more intriguing, we promise. If you want to read something about your personality, based on the social media platform you love, you have come to the right place… er, right blog.

So, without much ado, let’s get to it, shall we?


If you are a LinkedIn lover, you are a goal-oriented person and have strong work ethics. A professional & a visionary, who’s always seeking new opportunities to make it big in the world. You plan your day systematically and try to be on schedule because you believe in the old saying: ‘Time is money.’ Your resume is always updated and you take pride in talking about your professional achievements. You dream to quickly climb the corporate ladder and be known as your industry expert. Your professional outlook to everything is absolutely inspirational but your friends & family often pull your leg about it.Your family wasn’t exactly thrilled when you dragged them to do team building activities on your latest beach vacation, just for the caption ‘ working with my home team!.’ Hard work and dedication are your mottos but adding an element of humour and fun would add to your offline connections!


If you’re a Twitter fan, it means you have lots & lots of opinions and you want the world to know about them as soon as they pop up in your head. Being on top of the happenings of the world (even if it makes you mad most of the time) is your thing. You value voice and are not afraid to tweet your mind or share your views on something important. But you also get excited about all the things in your life & aren’t afraid to share with the world. You are (or consider yourself to be) the funny friend as you have some of the funniest best one-liners.Short, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, and to the point is your style as you can convey your message within 280 characters or less.


If the ‘you’ in YouTube stands for you, it means the world is your stage. Your YOLO attitude has given you many stories, which you love sharing. You have a passion and work tirelessly towards enhancing your skill. You are addicted to different tutorial videos. You are a great listener and are willing to lend a ear to whoever needs it. This habit has given you the ability of distinguishing fake information from genuine. You approach life with patience, a virtue installed in you by that tediously slow buffering. Despite having a lot to talk about, from conspiracy theories to current affairs to pro tips, you choose to remain silent, the world needs to see that dynamite of talent that lives within you. You adore the adulation your viewers give you. An increase in views and shares is enough reason for you to party on a monday night and a slowdown is enough to make you sulk on christmas eve. You get awestruck very quickly and also tend to live your life vicariously through your favourite YouTubers.

We reveal our most interesting personality traits in the most interesting ways even when we think we don’t. Bet you didn’t know that just a favourite social media platform can reveal so much about you. We hope you loved reading this fun article and maybe even discovered a thing or two about yourself.


Having Instagram as your dearest, says you’re a person who lives for the camera. You have always secretly felt like a celebrity and insta fame is what you wanted!

Your room may be a mess, but the backdrops of your pics are always swoonworthy! You love seeing the beauty in the world, even the most mundane moments and capturing them without hesitation. You are always ready for good times and as a result, your friends love having you around. You share your coolness quotient with aplomb, be it through reels or pictures.. Therefore, you try to be a perfectionist & have high self-expectations. But this also means that you tend to go beyond capturing special moments but focus too much on creating moments worth capturing. You constantly compare yourself to others due to which you often worry your life isn’t ‘insta worthy’. But then you switch your ‘self-love’ mode back ‘on’ with a loving GIF!


Having Pinterest as your one true love shows that you adore creativity and novel ideas. A neat freak who seeks inspiration everywhere to make life more organized. You are confident and strongly believe in the ‘do it yourself’ approach. Your amazing taste has inspired many and you have often been a trendsetter. Although, sometimes you may act like a hoarder of ideas and go crazy with creating masterpieces for your loved ones. Yes you are that mommy who spent 6 months creating the perfect party for your daughter’s birthday. Having hacks always at your disposal makes you the go to person in the group. Making yours and others’ life easier is all the fun you need. But this strong & independent personality also means that you find yourself exhausted often. Afterall ‘readymade’ is the boon of modern times. Go enjoy the novelty of ordering from zomato once in a while.


If the white ghost from the yellow room is your best friend then it means that you live life on your own terms. You don’t care what others think of you. You take pride in your friendships and cherish them in the form of streaks. The silly & goofy acts are proof of your self-confidence. You live every second to the fullest. You believe every problem has a filter, and if not a graphic or sketch would certainly do the job. That child in you is not only still alive but is thriving. But at the same time, you value privacy and value the disappearing features of this platform, and secretly wish you could use those features in your real life too! You take your time in getting to know & trusting people. You are thick skinned and don’t get bogged down by others’ opinions. You enjoy the fun element in life and love sharing fun moments with your inner circle.


If Facebook is your favourite choice, it means that you are a very sociable, loving & caring person. You love staying connected with your childhood friends, relatives, classmates, etc. and have used FB to reconnect with so many people. You enjoy the birthday reminders and ensure you wish all your Facebook buddies. You love the memories that pop up on your feed and enjoy sharing the same. You enjoy checking what’s everyone been up to, sharing insightful videos & aren’t afraid to ask questions. Likes and kind comments give you quite a pep. Sharing your knowledge excites you so much, whether it is sharing the number of your favourite tailor or complaining about a particular airline. Scrolling sometimes unknowingly gets you a bit too engrossed in other people’s lives, but you don’t consider your act stalking, after all you have always been naturally curious!

If you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it for you, don’t forget to share it with your friends. May be you could compare notes over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Don’t forget to check our other blogs out, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Pinterest.

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