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By now we are sure you have heard and possibly even tried ChatGPT! But like they say, the only constant is change…

Soon after Microsoft-backed Open AI’s ChatGPT took the world by storm, Google, the behemoth of search engines, designed and developed Bard to provide responses in a conversational language to questions asked by users through text.

But the question is, what is different? Through Bard, the users can expect human-like responses to any kind of prompt. Notably, it can write an essay, render suggestions for your travel plans, or even tell you a joke, among numerous other things!

Although Bard and Chat GPT have some similar functions, there are certain differences between both chatbots.

Pricing: ChatGPT is free for users however ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month and includes access to the platform during heavy traffic, faster response, and priority access to novel features.
As of now, Bard is free to users who have access to it.

Data- source: Bard continues to draw information from the internet, while ChatGPT’s sources end with the year 2021.

Supporting languages: Did you know? ChatGPT is available in English,Spanish, Korean, Italian, Mandarin, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Russian and Japanese languages. Bard, on the other hand, is available in English, Korean, and Japanese.

Don’t believe us? See the screenshots below!


What’s new in Bard? Let us now look at what different Bard has to offer? Although both ChatGPT and Google’s platform are AI chatbots that provide answers to user’s prompt, ways in which Bard is different include:

  1. Ability to be customized: Bard carries the ability to be fine-tuned for certain applications or domains, like question-answering, customer support, and language translation.
    Wondering how that works? Bard offers virtual assistance via voice or text. This virtual assistant uses AI to interpret what you have requested and offer an appropriate response. This will allow you to gain faster and appropriate answer without having to wait for long.
  2. High-quality responses: Through its advanced tech capabilities, BARD AI is capable of generating high-quality and informative responses to many prompts and questions. For example,iyou ask Bard, “In 2023, what are some of the top social media marketing news?” And voilà! You have it,a complete list of top news you need to be aware of. To explain this better, here’s a screenshot of what Bard gave results for when asked the above question:
    And this is what ChatGPT had to say to the same question ⬇️

    From the above it is evident that, given that responses on ChatGPT are cut off till 2021, there are certain restrictions to the bandwidth of its answers. Clearly, responses provided by Bard are of better quality!
  3. Contextual awareness: Bard is capable of retaining context from past interactions, allowing it to offer more meaningful and engaging conversations.

The Good News: Google-led Bard is likely to generate more information in larger chunks, employing machine learning advancements to enhance the reading experience. It reads the texts and identifies integral information. Thus, summarizing the text makes the material easy for the reader. This AI technology is primarily helpful for people who face any difficulty while reading or wish to read more quickly.

Through Bard a user can understand the text better, retain it better, and save time!

Is Bard more dependable?  Reportedly, Google’s AI chatbot offering constitutes tons of reliable data and information. It includes several web pages indexed in its database. This is a major factor why Bard may constantly offer numerous relevant references to a single query within a fraction of a second. Google’s chatbot is expected to extend real-time data that can include personalized alert notifications.

For Your Information: Another valuable asset of Bard is its personalized algorithm which helps provide results on the basis of past search activities.

❗Fun-fact: The platform is named after the Bards of Celtic cultures, who were professional storytellers, verse-makers, oral historians, and genealogists.

The ‘other-side’

While Bard is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, there are some limitations to it, here’ what you should know:

Limitations of Bard:

May not be 100% reliable: Although trained to generate responses that are relevant to the context and in line with users’ intent, Google mentioned that Bard can at times generate responses that include inaccurate or misleading information even though it is confident about what it is presenting. At times, the platform offers generic information that it picks up from various online sources.

When we asked ChatGPT the same question, it gave us straight up answers, helping us narrow our research. ⬇️

Can develop a ‘personality’: Yes, you read it right. In an article1, Google mentioned that Bard can at times generate responses that seem to suggest that it has opinions or emotions since it has been trained on a language that people globally deploy to reflect human experience.

However, to keep that in check, Google stated that it has developed certain guidelines as to how Bard may represent itself and continue to finetune the model to provide neutral responses.

Bard capable of plagiarizing text????: Reports2 claim that while testing Google’s chatbot, the response in most cases was close to that found on certain websites. And to top it all, Google has admitted to committing plagiarizing content! This could be a major issue for writers.

Well we certainly don’t have a favorite, each AI chatbot differs from one another and has something different to offer, whether it is communicating through different languages via ChatGPT or offering updated write-ups with latest information through Bard, it is up to us to use these tools to our best advantage.

You can use it to enhance a blog write-up, or search for images to upload along with your article, today, AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard help simplify the working process.

Over the past 9 years, Vanilla Skills has employed numerous supportive tools to understand how it can improve outcomes.

Feel free to reach out to us at contact@vanillaskills.com , and we’ll assist you in excelling at your B2B marketing strategy in a manner that suits you best, delivering measurable outcomes that you’ll truly appreciate.

1 source to the article: http://surl.li/heraa
2 report about Google http://surl.li/hgoxy

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