Every MBA aspirant wants to dabble in marketing, and I was the same. Since digital marketing is currently very popular and continues to gain popularity, I decided that it was what I wanted to learn. To my good fortune, I Continue reading
Social listening is the process of monitoring online digital conversations to understand what consumers are saying about your brand, product or industry. There are several important things to keep in mind while social listening: Identify the purpose Social listening can Continue reading
Although the internet is a wonderful source of information and communication, it can also be a not so safe place because of its anonymity and sheer reach. It is therefore important to be attentive and alert to what one does Continue reading
At a recent gathering of LnD & HR professionals, I was asked, “What can we possibly use social media beyond the basic recruitment?” My answer: Everything. Let me elaborate. Everything that falls under your Key Responsibility Area can be accomplished Continue reading
Today we turn 5! Whoopie! How cool is that :) It has been an enthralling journey, from a startup company to one of the finest social media partners you could ask for. You have been with us and see us Continue reading
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